Sunday, May 24, 2009


That's the name of Brett's shared dog. She is a small white Dachshund shaped, shaggy haired dog. Incredibly cute and energetic. Brett got her while he was at Univ. Arizona and shares her with his two roommates from UA. She is in WA now for the summer while her other masters are on study abroad. Brett got home with her tonight, and so far Simon is mostly just excited and curious, and the introduction of a new dog to the household is cool so far.

Kay and I have had a nice day today. We skipped church, as I think Kay should avoid indoors group activities this weekend when she likely has low white blood cell counts. We took a morning trip to Capital Forest, southwest of Olympia. It is a large multiple use forest, and the closest place to find nesting Hermit warblers. This will be a life bird for Kay, and a state bird for me. (first time seen for Kay, first time in WA seen for me) We located several singing birds, but could not get a look at one. They are a 5 1/2 inch bird that sticks to the top of large fir trees.

After that, Kay and Jean caught some sun on the back deck, and I puttered about the house. I got a short bike ride in, and then picked up Brett and Maeby at Seatac.

Today was my dad's 79th birthday. I think they had a family get together at Mom and Dad's place this evening.

We are looking forward to the third day of this holiday weekend tomorrow, more sun forecast, and a going away party for Krister Freese, the physician son of Patty and Paul Freese who is leaving for Honolulu, HI for his orthopedic residency. A Hawaiian theme is planned, and Jean and Kay painted some "theme" graphics for the party today.

An early bedtime is planned tonight, as we had a busier day than usual today. A good type of tired though, as we had a really nice day.

We pray that you all have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.


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