Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The big question is whether it may be more beautiful by moonlight than by daylight. This evening, after a great hike midday, and exploring the Yosemite valley in the daylight, we went for a sunset dinner at Glacier Point. The colors of sunset off the granite cliffs was spectacular, but on the ride home we stopped to see the strange and wonderful white cliffs by moonlight. It is awesome, in the God created this, he is an awesome God.

Kay held up really well today on a hike listed under the "strenuous" category, though we both thought moderate was more appropriate we felt pretty good when we thought, "we did a strenuous hike!"

Overall Kay is feeling stronger than she usually does in her third week post chemo, and we are looking forward to finishing this vacation with a few more great days and then putting the last course of chemo behind us next week.

Keep Jean in your prayers tomorrow as she takes a section of her CPA exam.


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