Sunday, September 27, 2009

Colmars aplenty

Today we arrived at Fay Colmar's at about noon. This is our turn around spot on our trip, and a chance to visit with Kay's family, do laundry, rest up, and get a little more beach time. Today we had lunch at Fay and Vince's, then went to see Caroline, Mary and Jim Dahl's youngest daughter play a soccer game, and then met at Keith Colmar's for dinner with Mary, Jim, Michael, Christopher, and Caroline Colmar-Dahl, Vince and Fay, and Keith & Matt Colmar. It was nice to be with Kay's family again, and to see everyone doing so well.

Vince is struggling with low back trouble, but remains mobile, and is still as sharp as ever. Fay is doing some new art with melting acrylic photo holders and then air brushing and adding mixed media. They are really cool. Vince and Fay are also in an acting class, and entertained us at dinner with monologues. Matt, Keith's son, is a blossoming photographer, and it was nice to see him again. All-in-all it was nice to see everyone again, and renew the family bond.

Kay continues to do great. On this trip we have really had no Cecil related problems, and Kay's energy has been really good. Not even a sniffle, and we have been having a really great trip.

Tuesday we'll get an early start and will head north again, taking two days to get to Yosemite, spend two days there, and then stop at Scott and Erin Colmar's place for an overnight visit, then a two day ride home.

Pray for no infections related to close family contact with children in school, for continued happiness and smooth travels, and for a safe arrival back home next week.


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Betty said...

It is so great that you are getting to see all these sites. It is also a wonderful reminder of when Don & I took the kids to Yosemite and then down the coast, on a very similar path that you are taking. I was fascinated with the collections at Hearst castle the rest of the group liked the pool. I am sure the rest of the trip will continue to be spectacular. Enjoy.