Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dr. McCroskey says remission

Today at her visit with Dr. McCroskey she asked what she should tell her friends when they ask her how the fight against cancer is going. He told her that he believes she is in remission, with no evidence of cancer at this time. Those were nice words to hear. Of course he was quick to say there is a possibility of recurrence, but still, nice to hear very positive news.

Kay is doing OK at this point, but is struggling with what Dr. McCroskey thinks is the cumulative fatigue of her courses of chemotherapy. He does think though that this should be the low point of her energy, and that she should start to feel better from here. For about the first 4-5 courses Kay really seemed to get stronger and feel better each cycle, but for the last few weeks she has been more short of breath, tired, and just worn down. We are hoping that just a break from toxic chemicals (a.k.a. chemotherapy) will be just what the doctor calls for, and she will regain energy and strength.

We are really starting to look forward to our 25th anniversary road trip, from here to Orange county via the coastal route, and back with a stop at Yosemite. About 17 days in total, so not a rushed trip at all, and lots of time together.

Pray for healing, strength, peace and continued remission.

Love to all of you, and immeasurable thanks for all of the support and prayers.


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Daria said...

Ed that is wonderful news ... congrats to Kay.