Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's probably illegal in Sonoma

Drinking a nice French Cabernet in the hot tub with a view of Bodega Bay from a coffee mug. I broke our wine glasses a day or two ago packing the car, so until we get shopping, so be it. The wine is nice, the company terrific, and our trip is going even better than we could have hoped. Fabulous weather every day, vistas about every 1/4 mile, too much good food, and lot of rest too.

No Internet last night, so no post. Last night we stayed at Point Arena, in a nice old Inn overlooking the harbor. Fish tacos and a pitcher of local micro brew made for a great evening. The hot tub in the room, fireplace, and king size bed made for a nice night too.

The day was made extra special when in a brief interlude of cell connection I used the iPhone to see that the Huskies beat USC.

Today we drove only about 80 miles to Bodega Bay and had lunch with Ken, Kay's big brother. Now we are just resting by the hot tub and enjoying the wine and sunshine. Ann Heatley, Kay's lifelong friend, and her boyfriend are meeting us for dinner.

Overall just a beautiful day.


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