Saturday, September 26, 2009

San Simeon - Hearst Castle

No photos, Kay's camera battery dead, but what a great tour. Today we toured this amazing place this morning. W. R. Hearst was a pack rat of the finest type. Apparently he collected over 200,000 objects in over 500 categories, including antiquities like ceilings, fireplaces, and what he called the "headlines of history" all over the walls of his home were ancient fabulous tapestries. The vistas were incredible, and the scope of the estate beyond vast.

From there we went for another lunch with a view, sitting on the very front of the Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill. An understated name for a pretty incredible place. Good food, but the view from the outdoor patio was killer.

Then a longer drive than we have been doing lately, about 170 miles to a small town Oxnard, basically a bedroom town as a place to stay without paying Santa Barbara like prices, and just a short dash tomorrow to Orange County to visit Kay's family for a couple of days. We decided to spend one less day on the coast, in order to make a two day drive to Yosemite instead of a long one day drive when we start north.

Kay remains well, is growing new hair, though we can't figure out why, as she is back on chemo. We'll see if it "sticks" of if she starts over again. Anyway, sunshine makes us happy, and we are having a great trip.


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