Friday, September 18, 2009

California or bust

At lunch today Kay said, "We are so lucky!" I asked why? She said, "That we met each other and have our lives together." I have to agree. Life has been pretty incredible for us. Certainly the last few months have been a challenge, but look at us now. We are together, and on a great adventure.

Today we got up and tried to track down some shorebirds at Coos Bay, OR. Not much luck, but found a pretty road along the river to check out. Then we drove south to Bandon, OR. a.k.a. Brandon by the Sea. We went there for two reasons, first to check out the Brandon Marsh NWR, a top shorebird spot. The tide was high, and the birds were so far away that even with good optics they were just shorebirds, without sharing their ID to us.

This left us with an hour or so before the other reason to visit Brandon. We found out on-line that the Brandon by the Sea Rotary Club met at at noon on Fridays, and the program was a wine tasting. Too good to pass up. Before the meeting we went to the Jetty at the entrance to the harbor, birded a bit, marveled at the beauty of the huge offshore rock formations, and enjoyed the sunshine. Then while looking for the meeting we saw vista after vista. This is truly a beautiful little town. The speaker at the meeting was the manager of the local pharmacy, and a wine aficionado. It turns out that his pharmacy is much better known for its wine selection than its medications. After the meeting we went there and chose two of the nice choices from the tasting.

Then off down the rest of the OR coast, into CA, and are staying the night at Arcata, CA. Tomorrow on south.

Another great day under our belts.


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