Saturday, June 6, 2009

Together again

Well, for the weekend both children are home, Marc, Jeans beau is with us too, and we are enjoying the weekend. We had steaks on the grill last night, breakfast together this morning and are looking forward to a nice weekend. Kay continues to do well. Her lymphedema is much less bothersome recently, and so her ability to be active is MUCH more. She is near her old level of energy, and it is nice to have her functional level so good.

Long ago I agreed to host a Rotary fund raiser today, a charity poker tournament, and so Kay is helping with that. We got a local hotel to donate a conference room, a young Rotarian friend, Ryan Hart, to be the tournament director, and I just bring some food, drinks, and play the role of host. We expect to raise $2000.+ for scholarships for displaced workers to study at Pierce College, the local community college. It is going to be fun, and we're excited.

Tuesday is Kay's third course of chemotherapy, and we are excited to put Cecil down again. Kay does not like talking about the "C" word in her own body, so we call it Cecil. We feel like he is struggling for his existance now, and are anxious to finish him off.

Pray for good blood counts Monday, and a good round 3 on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend


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Colleen Wise said...

Ed, I hope your fundraiser was a success...? Did Brett clean up?