Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dr. Safarri & Relay for Life

Yesterday Kay and I went to her follow up post operative appointment with Dr. Safarri, her GYN oncology surgeon. It was a good appointment. He smiled. Last appointment Kay was in tears as he seemed very pessimistic about her whole situation. We thought that might be in part because he did not have her latest CA-125 lab results and was still discouraged after her surgery. Yesterday we had all her results summarized in a neat table, and he was very encouraging.

Last night at the luminary ceremony part of the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Kay met Kristen Hill, the ovarian cancer surviving wife of Craig Hill the journalist who wrote the TNT article about Kay and her running church group. They had been communicating by e-mail and it was really a joy to see them meet. Kirsten had a very different type of ovarian cancer, the much less common 'germ cell" cancer, while Kay has the more common "epithelial cell" cancer. None-the-less much is in common, both are young, active, beautiful mothers and wives. Both are determined to beat this cancer. Both are strong Christians. They chatted, hugged, and traded stories. I managed not to cry. It was emotional, but a really nice meeting of warriors.

Today we are enjoying sunshine, we made our maiden attempt to make freezer jam, and are going to Charles Krippahne's 90th birthday party at church in a few minutes.

Chemo #4 on Tuesday, and then a 4 day weekend camping over the 4th.

Pray for fun.



Barb Hoffmann said...

Dear Kay,
The improving news sure leans toward the power of directed thoughts and prayers by many. And like last blog, the nourishment of deep emotion. Whatever, it's also the connectedness we feel that gives encouragement to the rest of us who sometimes might not feel like that extra mile. Sustaining well-being is an intricate dance for you right now. If you can do it, we can certainly do it on a much smaller scale.
Love always, Sis

The Hills said...

hi guys,

Good to meet you briefly at the relay. Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you more. We had friends from out of town show up at the same time.

Kristen was, and continues to be, very inspired after talking to Kay.

We are keeping you guys in our prayers,

Craig Hill