Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Long time

No posts is good news. Kay and I have settled back into some semblance of normal recently. Kay is feeling really strong. She went for a 75 minute walk last evening with several friends. She is starting to do some core exercises, and feels good. No complications so far from course of chemo #3. She sees Dr. Safarri, the GYN oncologist who did her surgery, on Friday. I plan to join her for this visit, as she was really upset after her last visit with him. He seemed so pessimistic, and really got her spirits down. I hope to be able to interpret and mitigate any surgeons comments.

I got away this last weekend, spending Friday thru Monday in the NE corner of WA camping and birding with my birding buddy Ken Brown and his birding class. It was the first time I've been away from Kay since her diagnosis except for one night in Portland before Jean's graduation. Kay had Ann Heatley, a long time friend, visit and had a nice time with her.

We all are doing well.

Pray for a nice low CA 125 and good blood count next Monday, and an uneventful chemo #4.


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