Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good weekend

Yesterday seemed like normal. Kay felt good, we got up early to meet our good birding friend Ken Brown at 6:30, and went off to chase a vagrant. We drove to North Bend and at 3 Forks Park found both of the eastern birds we targeted quite easily. In this case we just had to find the several other birders who were looking at the bunting. The area is really nice, a beautiful place to walk around, quiet, pastoral, and very birdy. We got nice looks at both the Indigo bunting and the Least flycatcher. Also heard a Red-eyed vireo. We had such satisfying looks quickly that we decided to drive on to Stillwater natural area, just about 15 miles away, to look for an American redstart reported there. We looked longer for the parking area than we did for the bird. Once we found the parking area, we easily followed directions to the bird's location. Maybe even more unique than the bird was the walk through the field to get there. The grass was at least a foot taller than any of us, and walking maybe 100 yards down a narrow footpath, using our arms to separate the tall grass, swooshing along, was really cool. When we got to the area another Seattle top birder whom we had seen at the bunting site earlier was already there, and we got great looks at the redstart (see link above for an Internet photo, and also a Red-eyed vireo.

Then we were home by 1 PM, got a nice nap, and went out to a local Mexican place for dinner with Brett,

Today has been less exciting, but the last choir performance of the season, a choir breakfast between services, and another nap, lots of garage cleaning, and a graduation party tonight for a Heather Reynolds, a church friend, have made for a relaxing and fine day.

This week should have no news re Kay's cancer. Just a week to let the chemo do its job, for Kay to recover before the next course, to avoid infection while her blood counts are low, and enjoy the early summer. We hope you can all enjoy also.

On another note, I found out today my Dad, Horace, has pneumonia. He managed to stay out of the hospital, and seems to be recovering, but is pretty weak. Bill and his new son-in-law Josh mowed the lawn for Dad yesterday. If you could see their lawn, you'd appreciate that this is a half day job with a tractor, riding mover and a hand mower. Mom describes Josh as having "nice muscles". Dad commented that doing the hand trim he can have a whole area done faster than Dad can turn the mower around. Much thanks to both of them for getting this concern allayed.

Pray for a great week, for Dad to recover quickly, and for no infections or Kay.


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Sue said...

Good morning dear friends, Blessings to you both as we begin a new week. Life here remains "tender" as we received our 1st call from Iraq and we prepare to drop Seth off at USAFA on the 25th. Keep us in your prayers and we will includ your Dad in our daily prayers for you. Rejoicing, Sue