Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good news when we needed it

A brief bedtime post. Shortly after the earlier post Kay got a call from Dr. McCroskey's office. Her CA-125 that was drawn Monday came back at 52. This is continued dramatic improvement, now only about twice the upper normal range, and down from over 150 last check a week earlier. More evidence that the chemo is working nicely.

Sleep tight.



Sue said...

Those early prayers from ME continue, as does our love for you all. Seth is dropping Doug off for deployment and then driving to Samantha's today. Isn't it great to be able to "cast all our cares of the One who cares for us! Much love, Sam and Sue

Betty said...

One count down, now need the other one up. It's too bad we can't just "whip up a batch of neutrophils" and send them Kay's way. But we'll be sending you "neutro vibes" from the east coast to help beef up those number. And lots of love, hugs and prayers too. Take care, put on a little Tina and attack this another way! Love to you all, Betty & Don

Sail Grace E said...

Kay, It was so nice to see you Wed. Sorry we showed up unannounced and caught you off guard. You look wonderful...for all of you back east who might be wondering, aside from the hair loss, Kay looks GREAT, and talking to her just lifts your spirit!! Keep fighting, keep strong, keep positive! We all love you so much!
Coach White