Thursday, October 29, 2009


We got into Portland this morning about 10:15AM after a red-eye flight. It was about as good as it gets flying across country, no delays, no oversize isle-mates, and slept well on the plane. Bill (my brother) took the day off and picked us up at the airport, and on the ride home we stopped to pick up lobsters for dinner and to visit Uncle Deck at the Augusta VA nursing home. Deck is about 9 years older than my Dad, and broke his hip, not for the first time. He also broke his clavicle, and is struggling, so it was really nice to see him.

Then off to camp, where Bill and Carol have things looking fabulous. The propane stove was burning, he has made lots of finish improvements, and Carol had a bouquet of flowers to make things really cheery. The leaves are past prime, but still beautiful. Morgan says they are now the "old ladies" colors of fall, browns, yellows, and lots of shades between. Some sunshine, just enough for a sunset tonight. The gas stove has camp warm, and we got a nap this afternoon. Then surf & turf Bill Pullen style, lobsters shucked and ready for homemade lobster rolls, with grilled steaks. A great apple crisp for desert. We are in a post feast stupor now, just feeling really good.

Mom was really tired today, she rarely gets out in the evening, and I think coming to Bills for dinner was a big effort for her. We left them early to get some sleep and rest this evening. We are really looking forward to the rest of this visit.

Dad has a new F-150 plow truck, so that makes this new truck, his older F-150 truck with the dump body, and the really old bronco plow truck plus the van with drive-on wheel chair access, so there is no shortage of vehicles. We are using the new truck, so getting about in style.

Kay and I got the H1N1 vaccine yesterday, and both feel great. Kay's white blood cell count was normal, and she is only mildly anemic, so we look forward to her feeling stronger every day. Soon I'll get you a photo of her in her new wig. Really stylish.

Pray for continued improvement and strength.



W.E. T.V. said...

sounds like a great trip. happy halloween!

Peter said...

W.E. T.V. is ethan wiederspan by the way. :)