Saturday, October 10, 2009

The last first weekend after chemo

Kay had her 8th of 8 courses of chemotherapy Monday, so is on day 5 post chemo today. This is a bit frightening with all of the H1N1 influenza going around our area. Kay has been being pretty careful this week to try to avoid crowds and contained spaces. So far so good.

This weekend I am on a birding trip to the WA coast with my birding class, and Kay stayed home to enjoy a weekend on her own. Jean had planned to stay in Seattle this weekend visiting her good friend Ashley, but came home today after Kay went to Seattle and had a visit with Jean and Brett. Tomorrow Jean heads back to Portland on the train, and Kay plans a day around home.

I have had a really nice day, enjoying sunshine at the coast, some pretty good birds, and the company of a group of birding friends.

This week we pray for a week free of infection and then just for Kay to start her recovery and for us to start our post cancer lives. So far the only big problem has been Kay's peripheral neuropathy. Of note this does seem to be a bit worse after this treatment, but we hope that it will stop progressing and improve with time.


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