Monday, November 2, 2009

What a trip

Ever wonder what happens when the president comes to town? We got a glimpse of that yesterday. USAF 1 was in NJ yesterday, delivering President Obama to a fundraiser, and so we sat at the Portland, ME airport waiting to take off for Newark from 1PM until about 4 PM, then circled for another 45 minutes, finally getting into Newark at about 6:20 PM as our flight to Seatac left on time at 6 PM. There were no seats to Seattle until this afternoon (24 hours later) so we decided to catch a flight to Orange County, CA, then an early morning flight this AM. That sounded not too bad, but after boarding a plane for that flight, it was discovered that a bird had been caught in the AC unit of that plane, so we all got off, walked to the far end of the Newark terminal, waited a while, then reboarded a flight. By then it was after the evening curfew at Orange County, so we went to LAX. We got there at about 2AM, got a hotel for a long nap, and got up at 6:15 AM to catch a commuter flight to Seatac. We got in just in time for me to hurry to work for my afternoon session. (AM session was cancelled)

Despite our adventure getting home we both feel we had a great visit. It was really good to see Mom and Dad, Bill and Carol, nieces Allison and Morgan, as well as a few other relatives and friends. Camp is such a special place to us, and Bill and Carol have it really nicer than it has ever been.

Kay did great on the trip, not even a sniffle, and is going on a walk with friends tonight. I'm just going to bed early.

Photos to follow.

Prayers of thanks for a safe trip and continued good health.



Hamsterina said...

Glad no sniffles! Welcome home!

Jean said...

The trip home sounds miserable! I was really worried about you guys. Glad you made it home safely! Can't wait to see you next week! Last CPA test for a while.

Love, Jean