Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprise - Chemo #8 today

Kay called Dr. McCroskey's office this morning to figure out what day this week she had her 8th and final chemotherapy scheduled, and found out it was at 2PM this afternoon. After some minor logistic issues, Brett had Kay's car in Seattle and Kay had dropped me off at work this morning, all proceeded smoothly. Ever-helpful Cheryl helped Kay drop the car back for me to get home, and took Kay to and from the appointment. The infusion was uneventful, and so it is done. Now we just try to get through 1 more month of low blood counts without getting sick and the treatment is completed.

As usual Kay feels good tonight. We celebrated by going to Norm and Barb Aune's for a terrific grilled stir fry scallop meal, and to share our Yosemite experience with them before they leave Thursday for their trip there. It was fun to show them our photos, and give them our favorite places to see. Really at Yosemite all you need to do is not have your eyes closed. Everywhere you look is another vista.

Jean and Brett are visiting in Seattle tonight, with Jean's friend Ashley's birthday party as the cause to celebrate.

Pray for one more run through post-chemo low blood counts without complications, and then for this cancer to be cured.


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Peter said...

so happy to have you home. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.