Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain cannot drown our parade

Week 2 after Kay's last course of chemotherapy has been rainy, but otherwise uneventful. (excepting of course the traumatic last 5 seconds loss by the Huskies last night) Brett has recovered from his bout with H1N1 influenza, and Kay and I have avoided it so far. Kay had her first breast MRI done Thursday. As you probably recall Kay has the BRCA2 gene, and is a very high risk for breast cancer, so she is going to be getting breast MRI as well as mammography screening. The mammogram came back normal, the MRI we have no interpretation yet.

We really had a pretty full week. Kay and I went out birding for a couple of hours Thursday morning, looking for a rare gull on Commencement Bay (Tacoma) but came up empty on that attempt. Then Friday Kay went to her book club in the evening, and this weekend we have focused on fall cleanup. Yard work when not too rainy, and housework other times, fit in around an Autumnfest party at church last night, watching the Husky debacle with friends afterwards, and now off to see the Seahawks play and check our Clay Sprague's new surround sound system in his "man cave" (today a couples cave) and to try out my first attempt at making cheese cake. If it tastes good, making it was not a hard as I had always thought it must be. The butternut squash soup Kay made for the party last night was much more effort.

Well off to the game.

Pray for good MRI results, and continued health.


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