Saturday, July 11, 2009

A very nice visit

Group at the Thursday bar-be-que on the deck.

Brother & Sister & spouses

Bye Bye

Scott, Erin, Haley, and Ethan headed south this morning, after what was considered by all a great visit. Yesterday we all went to see the Mariner's lose to Texas after Scott and family spent the earlier part of the day at NW Trek. Both Safeco and Trek were big hits.

Prior to leaving Jean created some memories with her Macbook and the videos are posted to YouTube
The big news of the week re Cecil, is that Kay's genetic testing for the BRCA gene came back positive for a "deletarious mutation" of the BRCA2 gene. I won't try to go into a lot of detail, but this is one of the genetically inherited genes for a tumor supressor function in cells. People with this gene have a much higher incidence of certain cancers, especially breast and ovarian cancer. See the details on the link at the site.

We have all been a little meloncholy after Scott's family left, and are going to a movie tonight to relax and not think too much.

Pray for negative testing for relatives, and peace of mind knowing that as Kay says, "Knowledge is power."


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