Monday, July 13, 2009

Kay's sore after a Jetty walk

Yesterday after church, and after Kay went to coffee with some girlfriends, Kay and I took off for the coast in search of a King eider, an Alaskan duck that has been seen for the last week near the base of the jetty at Ocean Shores. We got there about 1:15 PM and headed straight for the spot, and as it was part way on an incoming tide, we walked to near the base of the jetty to scan to area. No luck on the eider (others saw it in the morning, but we could not in the PM) but we enjoyed nice looks as several species of shorebirds on the jetty. We turned to leave, and noted that the tide has blocked our direct walk out, so we had to walk back on the jetty for a ways, always awkward hopping rock to rock. We got out without difficulty, and spent a the rest of the afternoon looking in the area, before heading home. Today Kay is pretty sore from use of muscles not used in a while. We think she may be more anemic than in prior courses of chemo, as she is just more tired and short of breath with activity than usual. Nothing serious, just her body telling her to take it a little easier. A week from tomorrow is course of Chemo #5.

Later this week we are going to stay a long weekend at the second home of Rotary friends Cathy and Earl Vernen at Lake Mayfield. They donated the stay at the Rotary auction, and we were the successful bidders. Several friends are joining us and we hope to have party central for a few days.

I take my Family Practice board exams Thursday and plan to head down after that.

Enjoy the summer while it is here.


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