Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scott, Erin, Hailey, and Ethan

Kay's younger brother Scott and his family are visiting this week, and we are enjoying ourselves and their company. Our kids are enjoying playing with their kids, and so far a great visit. They all got in last night, and today Kay took everyone to a polarnic (a picnic when it is far too cold to be outdoors to eat) at Ruston Way, Tacoma. Then off to the Glass Museum where they got there just in time for the glass artists to take a lunch break. None-the-less they had a nice day, and tonight our kids offered to keep the young ones (Hailey pre-3rd grade, and Ethan pre-1st grade) while the older adults went out to Toscano's for dinner.

Now everyone but Brett and I are watching the "Batchelorette" one of the most decadent of the new breed of "reality TV." Turns out it is a show both Kay and Jean, and Scott and Erin watch together. Me, I'd rather blog. Actually I'd rather do almost anything.

The best part of the week so far though is that Kay feels good today. After our weekend of camping, she developed abdominal pain. It was pretty intense, and though we both thought it was an abdominal muscle strain from overdoing it last weekend, I was concerned it might be a complication of the avastin therapy. This drug can cause all sorts of nasty things like wound dehiscence (falling open), bowel fistula (abnormal connections between loops of bowel, or the bowel and the abdominal wall) and bowel perforations (leaks). These are all bad things, and e are happy that today her pain is gone, and she is back to normal.

So far the only complication Kay has developed is a mild peripheral neuropathy from the Taxol drug. It can cause damage to nerves, making her fingers and toes numb. We hope the next two courses do not make this much worse.

Scott's family is here for another day tomorrow, and leaves Friday. We look forward to a great day together and a weekend to follow.

Pray for every day to be positive, and for continued healing.


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