Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mayfield Lake

Kay and I just got back from Mayfield Lake, a reservoir on the Cowlitz river in SW WA. We stayed at the home of Cathy and Earl Vernon, and it was a delightful weekend. Sun, fun, and rest reigned. We went down Thursday after I finished my FP board exam, and had the evening and Friday to ourselves. Saturday morning Patty Freese and Mary Rose and Clay Sprague joined us for a blueberry pancake breakfast, and at lunchtime Peter and Cheryl Wiederspan brought lunch, hot dogs for the grill and we all relaxed, talked, and had a great day. Peter and Cheryl left late, but the rest stayed until this AM. We got home for dinner at the taco bus with Brett.

Probably a few pounds heavier, definitely much more relaxed, and feeling good we are ready to face the week. Kay has chemo course #5 on Tuesday, after seeing Ron Goldberg, a longtime friend who took a hospital sponsored trip many years ago to Hawaii with Kay and me, who is retired but is filling in for Rob McCroskey this week. Kay hopes to pin down dates for her end of chemo testing, and allow us to plan our end of chemo celebratory trip. It was originally going to be our 25th anniversary trip (still is really) but now will have extra meaning.

Brett stayed home with the dogs, Jean will be getting back from North Carolina where she has been visiting a college roommate, and we will be back in our routine this week.

Enjoy the summer, pray for an uneventful and safe course of chemo, and make every day a great one.


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Sue said...

Love and prayers are headed your way from Maine! Sam and Sue