Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

In some ways just another day of work for me, but all the current happenings, two wars, on-post terror in Texas, makes me pretty happy I served when I did.

I have not posted in some time, mostly because nothing is new regarding Kay's cancer, but also because it is nice to just feel like things are normal. Kay is starting to grow some hair again, and went to the YMCA this week for a all-around workout, was pretty sore for a couple of days. She tried to run, and finds the neuropathy makes her feet feel clumsy, like she might fall, so is planning to find what machines work best for her.

She also had two appointments since my last post. One a breast exam at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. She visited with a nurse practitioner there who is a breast cancer patient herself, and they had a good visit. One thing that Kay feels, whenever she meets with a health care provider, is that everyone seems fatalistic about her disease. Example: she sat beside a pathologist on the flight back from ME recently, and when she told him she was in remission from ovarian cancer, she could tell his eyes just said, "That's what you think!" Doctors seem to be just waiting for the next bad news. We are trying to be more positive than that, without being unrealistic, a fine line to walk. Right now all is good.

Kay did see Dr. McCroskey this week, and had a great visit. She remains anemic, explaining her dyspnea (shortness of breath) with exertion, but does seem fine otherwise. She will be getting another PET CT near the end of the year. Right after we return from Cabos on our early Dec. vacation.

Jean is home to take part 3 of the CPA exam, and we are enjoying her company now. I'm really enjoying taking Ken Brown's winter birding class every Tuesday evening from 7-9 PM, and right now the sun just came out and I got a short walk at lunch.

Pray for continued optimism, for no sign of cancer now or in the future, and for many good days to come.


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