Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful - Yes!

We celebrated Thanksgiving last Sunday with a nice turkey dinner at home with Brett, Jean, Marc and Ashley McLean. Today we had a low key day, went out to a buffet at the Ram with Brett. Maybe a movie tonight.

This has been a year where we would have had to have been not just blind but insensate to not feel overwhelmed by all of our blessings. Kay has come out the other end of chemotherapy feeling good and in remission, and we are thankful. Innumerable generous and helpful friends, terrific family, and prayers from around the globe have sustained us, and we are thankful. Jean graduated from UP, has a job, and is enjoying her life in Portland and we are thankful. Brett is fully engaged in school at the Seattle University, and we are thankful. I have passed off the Sound Family Medicine medical director role to Marc Aversa, and am having more fun practicing medicine than I have in a long time, and we are thankful.

Sometimes it is said whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and though I am not sure I believe that, I in some ways feel that as a family, and family of friends we are stronger than ever. We are thankful.

Prayers of thanks to all who have helped sustain us and nourish us this past several months, and prayers of thanks to God for granting us this bounty of support.

Happy Thanksgiving.