Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Positive news today

We met with Dr. McCroskey today. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a doctor as a husband. One of the disadvantages is that your physicians try to be really prompt in giving you results, and sometimes this can mean you get preliminary results, before you get final results. The PET CT scan done yesterday is a perfect example of this phenomenon. The radiologist looked at the PET CT, made a preliminary interpretation, called Dr. McCroskey, who called me and Kay as he know we were anxious to hear right away. This morning Dr. McCroskey met with a second radiologist, and then with the first radiologist who read Kay's scan yesterday, to review the scans, compare them to the CT scan she had before surgery. It appears that the area of activity seen on the PET scan is actually fairly faint and small, and is in an area of the liver above the stent, not very near where the cancer was noted prior to surgery. In addition there is no mass, or tumor seen on the CT part of the scan. This is the beauty of the PET CT process, where in the same scan both tests are done, so an area seen on one part of the test can be accurately compared to the other part. Their conclusion after this comparison is that there is a high likelihood that the area seen on the PET scan is an area of inflammation from the insertion of the stent through the liver, not residual cancer. He thinks Kay is in remission at this time, and recommends that she have the stent removed, and easy procedure, and that she have her CA 125 followed monthly, and the PET CT repeated in 2 months if the CA 125 remains low, or sooner if it increases.

We are really pleased with this news. It leaves the possibility of a cure at this time, and at least gives Kay a chance to recover from all of this therapy.

We are going to enjoy the rest of the week, Brett and I at Yellowstone; Kay, Jean and Fay at home visiting and playing.

I'll keep this brief as I have an afternoon of patients to attend.

Prayers of thanks for God's greatness and healing power, and for a time of rest, healing, and regaining strength for Kay are in order.

Thanks for all of your support.



Carol said...

Ed, Kay, Jean and Brett, This news surely shows the power of prayer. How much joy and thanksgiving this news brings to about half the free world who have all been praying for you. As you said your pastor said the diagnosis was your personal Good Friday, today is absolutely a day of Thanksgiving for all. We love you all so much and are thrilled with this grand news. Carol, Bill, Allie, Josh and Morgan

Peter said...

Great News and huge blessings! Cheryl called to tell me to quickly read the blog and what an amazing lift this is to our hearts. I know Cheryl would want to write her own note of joy but I wanted to yell our happiness for you right now. You are loved.

albesullivan said...

Praise God for his mercy and blessings! Kay and Ed, we rejoice with you in the wonderful news.

Betty said...

What wonderful news! Ed & Kay you have always inspired me with your joie de vivre and I continue to be impressed with your love, faith and fight that has helped you win this battle. Words cannot express the joy we are feeling right now for you all. Much love, Don, Betty, Mike, Sarah & Katie

Hamsterina said...

You are all my last thoughts tonight. Hoping all went well today. There are only two things I want, and two things only. Full remission and a functioning bile duct with no signs of inflammation for Kay. Never knew I would be wanting that but I want it more than anything else ever.

Janie Ludes Vasilia said...

Ahhhh....This is REALLY good news. May all the Praise be to God! My prayers will continue for you, Kay. Have a great time with your Mom (know you will- always so much fun!) Thank you again, Ed- for these timely updates. The rest of us out here surely appreciate the quick relay of your news.