Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Great Saturday

We had a great day today. Kay seems to be over this course of post chemo fatigue, and today we had fun until anyone would have fatigue. For Kay and Jean the day started with not such a tiring task, the got their toes "done" at a pedicure shop. They got home just in time for us to leave for the Rotary Flotilla. We joined Roger and Gloria Hunt on their yaught near Brown's Point in Tacoma and cruised from there to Gig Harbor. There we met up with several other Rotary members and boats and had Pizza at the Tides tavern. Several beers on the boat, more at the tavern, lots of sun, good conversation, great views of the Puget Sound, and then we raced home to go to the still 50 party of Colleen Wise, a church friend. Apparently she had not celebrated her 50th birthday, and turns 51 tomorrow (or soon?) and so she had a party tonight. More good food, and we expect to sleep well t0night.

The house seems quiet without Maeby, Brett's dog, who went back to Arizona with one of her other owners today. It will be interesting to see how our dog Simon reacts to being the ruler of the roost here again.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny too, so more fun is expected. It's nice to have Kay back feeling good again. Hope everyone has as good a weekend as we are.



Bill said...

The power of prayer and positive thinking is amazing! The blog has kept us up on everthing and much appreciated as we are on nearly opposite ends of the country. Kay, your an inspiration to all of us!
Bill, Carol, Allie and Morgan

lesley.hammond said...

Delighted to hear the good news about the last chemo. Hurray! Nearly there! Keep up the good spirit, we're with you all the way from good old Boston (UK!).
Lots of love,
Lesley and Martyn xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chelsea said...

Hi Kay!

It was so good to see you last weekend! You look beautiful as always and I can't wait for our next beauty parlor session! :)