Monday, August 24, 2009

Not the best of news

Today Kay had her PET CT scan done, and this showed an area near the stent that she has draining her biliary duct, with increased uptake of the glucose marker on the PET scan. This area is where she had the large mass of tumor at the time of her original surgery which made it impossible to surgically remove all of her cancer. There is a high probability that this area is residual cancer.

The good news is that there was no evidence of cancer in any rest of the body.

The plan is really TBD, to be determined, but we have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. McCroskey to discuss where to go from here. She probably needs an laparoscopic evaluation to see if this area really is a cancer, and if so we will need to decide what is the best direction to take from here to continue our quest for a cure.

Certainly this is not the best of news, we had been hoping, and praying along with all of you, for no detectable cancer at this test, but it is not the worst of news either. Most of the cancer, and there was a lot, has been killed off. There are additional therapy options left, that have the possibility of a cure. We will be looking at our options, getting expert advice, and making choices from here. Kay cannot have any surgery for at least another couple of weeks, as it was only 2 weeks ago tomorrow that she had her last course of the avastin. No non-emergent surgery should be done until the avastin is completely out of the system, so wound healing can happen.

Keep up the prayers, I'll post more when I know more.


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Peter said...

Kay and Ed, your are always in our prayers for healing and strength. I hope you enjoy your travels Ed and we will look forward for more updates. Kay, your strength and resolve continue to inspire. You are a rock star!