Thursday, August 13, 2009


The good news again this course is that Kay's CA-125 after her 5th and next to the last course of chemotherapy was 9. This is down from 11 last time, and is into the goal range of less than 10. This is excellent. Now we wait for the PET CT scan on Monday August 21st. We are really hopeful that this will not show any sign of Cecil.

On another note last night was a nice evening for the Pullens. Jean and Kay went to a movie neither Brett nor I had any interest in seeing, something about a summer with 500 days. They enjoyed themselves. In the meantime Brett and I decided at 6 PM to go to the Mariners vs. Chicago White Sox game at Safeco. We drove up, bought cheap tickets, sat in nice seats as the game was only about half sold out, and watched a classic pitchers duel between two all-star pitchers, Felix Hernandez of the M's and Mark Buehrle of the CWS who has a recent perfect game on his resume. The game was tied at 0-0 with two outs in the bottom of the 14th inning, runners on 2nd and 3rd bases, and Ken Griffey Jr. came up to pinch hit for the M's catcher. He hit a 2 strike pitch deep into the right field corner to win the game, and set off the M's ritual "beating" where the hitter of a walk off winning hit gets chased down and pummelled in good nature. It was a great game to watch.

Jean is home for the weekend, planning to take her second part of the CPA test Monday, and Brett is visiting his old UA roommate to whom he has to give Maeby (his time-share dog) back to Saturday. We'll miss Maeby's energy, loving, and constant fun, but we'll miss the dueling barking at everyone who even drives or walks near the house less.

So far no problems after Chemo session #6, and we all pray for any remaining cancer cells to be destroyed.

Have a great weekend.



Norm and Barb Aune said...

Good results. Family time together. Great game. Your tales of your experiences during these trying times brings smiles to our faces. God Blesses all of you, and vicariously, us as well.

Cathy said...

Your news is great news! God bless all of you!