Friday, February 18, 2011

Surprise: One More Cycle

Kay went to see Dr. McCroskey Monday, and had expected to find out the results of her CA-125, discuss her phone consultation with Dr. Swisher (done from the funeral home in Oakland, ME last Friday by cell phone) who simply said go forward with the PARP infusions. This was no surprise as Dr. McCroskey had already talked with her about these issues. Instead Rob asked Kay to get one more cycle of chemo first. Her CA-125 came back unchanged at 10.4 and so Kay is now half way through her 7th cycle of her second course of chemo. Doing well as usual

The week has been busy, our first week back after 10 days in ME for me, and a week of California fun and ME mourning for Kay. I've been doing the same old things, work at the office, blogging on my health blog and staying busy. It has been fun to see Kay really energized about her work. She has been doing a project for her California high tech client Anritsu where she is creating a "new campaign that she is excited about. It's been a while since I've seen Kay as totally immersed in a crash project as this, and she seems really happy.

Louise was buried today, and Bill and Dad went to a small ceremony at the cemetery. The pastor didn't show, so Bill stepped up and did a prayer and officiated at a ceremony. He said all went great, and although everyone was sad, it makes things feel final. The burial couldn't be last week because the veterans cemetery is only open on weekdays, and everyone was in town for the funeral on Saturday.

Please continue to keep Horace (Dad) in your prayers, and of course Kay as she finished this course of chemo, continues on the PARP inhibitor, and we go about living life as fully and in the present as we can.

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