Sunday, February 6, 2011

More on Louise

I'm sad to say that Mom took a turn for the worse today. After a couple of days in the hospital after her seizure and diagnosis of a brain tumor where she was doing pretty well today she started to have seizures again. These began at about 9:40 this morning and she continued to seize almost continuously for over 2 hours. Despite being on phenytoin, and being given IV ativan the doctor was unable to stop the seizures.

Finally after starting a continuous infusion of IV ativan Mom stopped seizing but as a consequence is essentially unconscious. We placed her on hospice just yesterday, and now she is on IV morphine infusion as well as the IV ativan. The blessing is that she is comfortably sleeping, but the issue is that if the meds are stopped there is every reason to believe she will start the seizures again. The brain metastatic tumor is still there and not something we can help, so Mom will pass in the next few days.

Dad is coping pretty well, lots of family is here and Mom is well attended and loved, so she will pass comfortably and peacefully. Keep Dad and Mom in your prayers, and many thanks to all the SFM staff who are holding my practice together while I'm gone on short notice.


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Sue said...

Dear Friends,

Our thoughts and prayers remain with you all.

Much love,
Sam and Sue