Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Cycle Gone By

Kay finished her first cycle of chemo after our Christmas chemo holiday and all continues well. She feels fine, and has had no concerns with the blood counts. The CA-125 was a still good, at 10.3, but we're not sure how we feel about this. Last cycle her nadir was abou 6.0, and after the 5th cycle now the CA-125 has inched up from 9.3 last time to 10.3 this time. Kay's oncologist assures her that this is all good, that there are normally minor hour-to-hour variations in the values, and not to worry. We're not going to worry.

Kay's 57th birthday was last week, and we took a 4 day weekend last week. We spent Thursday night in Vancouver, BC. Weather was really miserable, cold mist and stiff breeze, but we managed to have fun. We went to Granville Island Thursday afternoon and evening, where I managed to smile was we walked through a few shops full of cha-cha before we settled into a warm seat at a brewery and tasted their beer. A good dinner topped off the evening. Home early for a warm winter night.

Friday we hit both the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Modern Art Gallery at times when they wer down for putting up new shows, so only saw one floor at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was an interesting show of Emily Carr and 4 younger artists who emulate her works. She was an early Vancouver artist who found inspiration from the Native American art and life of the late 1800's and early 1900's. You can see her work at the link on her name above.

Friday night we visited Ron and Linda Bahr in Bellingham, and enjoyed their hospitality. Sat and Sunday we birded the Skagit and Sammish flats, and had nice visiting time together.

This weekend Kay and I go to a cancer retreat at Harmony Hills. We look forward to and dread this at the same time, but we think it will do us good to have time together focused on this battle ahead. We need to look ahead while being present at the same time. A challenge.

Jean turned 24 this week, and is doing great, as is Brett. Kay has two new business opportunities and is excited about doing good work, I continue my medical blog and am working on a new site with Brett as a great online resource for sex education. It's not ready for prime time yet, but I think it will be an authority site with more work.

Keep Kay in your prayers.

Love to all.


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