Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kay and I want to shout out to all Happy Valentine's Day.  We love each other and want to sent some love out to all of our friends and family too.

This year is off to a pretty good start for the the Washington Pullen family, and if this sounds like a Christmas letter that's because we didn't get a Christmas letter done.  For details on Kay's cancer see the post immediately prior to this.  That's the last I'll mention of cancer in this post.

Kay and I have been busy having fun for the last few months.  We had a great 2+ week vacation in Cabos prior to Christmas, half with friends the half with Jean, Brett and Keith Colmar, Kay's brother.  This was a really nice trip, and as usual the sun, water and Mexican environment were much enjoyed.  Both kids were home for Christmas and that was low key and enjoyable.

For the first half of 2013 we have fun planned with a fair amount of birding adventures coming up soon and a possible big trip if we figure out the details.  Maybe Paris.  Kay is getting more active in her painting getting together with an old friend Stephanie regularly for inspiration and creative exchange.  She has wound Pullen Advertising down to functional retirement, and that is great too.

I am embarking on a new stage of my career at Sound Family Medicine.  I've recruited two very good young physician assistants to work closely with me to care for our patients.  The expectation is that this will allow me to stay in practice longer, take more time for travel and enjoyment, and still have my patients get strong continuity care.  I'm excited about this and so far, in the very early stages, it seems to be going well.
Jean continues at Blue Nile, the online diamond and jewelry retailer based in Seattle as a senior accountant, and if finding the company a good place to work and balance work-home life.  Life in Seattle has been great for her and she gets home regularly as well as our frequent trips to the city where we often meet up with her and Ryan, her boyfriend.

Brett continues his career in internet business development and management. He is working really hard, making progress and we are proud and supportive parents of our entropreneur son.  It is amazing how many young adults we know now whose careers are focused on internet marketing, managmenet and related fields.  Brett is going to do great in this field as he is focused and determined.

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