Friday, January 20, 2012

Surgical Results Promising

When we entered the preoperative ward today we looked up and saw that Kay's stall was stall "K", and took that as a very good omen. It may have been as Dr. Swisher just came out to talk with Jean, Brett and me and she gave us very good news. Kay had a 2-3 hour robotic surgery and in Dr. Swisher's words everything went just like we had been hoping. On examining Kay's abdominal cavity there was no visible cancer at all, and no adhesions or scarring to make the surgery difficult. They removed the cervix easily, and were able to locate the lymph node noted on the CT scans and remove that also, even though it was lying right on top of the inferior vena cava (the big vein returning all the blood from the lower body to the heart) they removed it without bleeding or complications.

The plan was to place an intraperitoneal port if there was no remaining visible disease, and so they did that too. This port will be used to give Kay chemotherapy directly into the peritoneal cavity in hopes of killing off any microscopic disease that remains more effectively than they can with intravenous chemotherapy.

We will be seeing Dr. Swisher again in 2 weeks and making sure Kay is healing well, and if so begin a course of chemo, likely Taxotere IV on day 1, carboplatinin on day 2 of each 3 week cycle for a total of 6 cycles. Taxotere is similar to Taxol, but may cause less progression of Kay's peripheral neuropathy. Unfortunately it will be back to wigs and caps again as she will lose her hair in all likelihood.

We are very thankful that the findings at surgery and the surgery itself were so positive, and are now praying for an uneventful recovery and a long remission from the upcoming chemotherapy. Thanks for all of your prayers. If the night goes well Kay will be coming home tomorrow.

Love to all.



Peter said...

great news!!! we are so happy for kay and all of you and continue to offer up thanks and prayers for ongoing recovery

Cecile said...

So happy to hear the good news. Send Kay my love.

sallgood said...

So happy to hear the good news!! Prayers will continue as things move forward!!