Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We've neglected this blog for some time, and as usual no news is good news. Today with the joy and love of Easter we feel especially blessed. We had a great day today with both Jean and Brett home. They all got down from Seattle last evening and we had a really good visit. We made dyed hard boiled easter eggs for an Easter tradition.

Today we went to breakfast at church as is our usual Easter tradition, and enjoyed the 9AM service. We got to meet with Ron and Linda Bahr and two of their sons at church and for a nice visit at the house after church.

Then we all worked to put dinner together, and enjoyed our leg of lamb and fixings. After we sat around and just visited for most of the afternoon before the kids went back to Seattle. Brett is winding down his last full quarter at Seattle University. Jean is in the process of buying a condo in Seattle and both are thriving.

Kay continues in remission, and is still on the 2 weeks on, one week off routine of the PARP inhibitor infusions. So far she is having minimal side effects, just a little fatigue and feels done for the day after her infusions, but they are late in the afternoon on Mondays and Thursdays, so it's tolerable. Her last CA-125 was 7.3, the lowest so far in this cycle of treatment. We are hopeful that the PARP inhibitor will keep any recurrence attempt at bay and this will be a prolonged remission.

Back in Maine Dad is doing pretty well since Mom passed, and Bill and his whole family have been great about visiting him often and including him in their active lives. Keep all of them in your prayers, and keep praying for Kay's continued health.

May the promise of Easter sustain all of us through this year and many more to come.


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bpullen said...

You look more like me every day (when I was your age) with the facial hair! HAHA! Look what you have to look forward to!