Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Course a Breeze

Kay is in her "off week" of her first course of chemotherapy, and the first two weeks of infusions on Tuesdays and Fridays went uneventfully. She was a little buzzed from the high dose dexamethasone she gets prior to each infusion, but except for that really had little difficulty. The biggest thing for Kay has been that the treatments take up about 4-5 hours on Tuesdays, and 2-3 hours on Fridays. She really hates spending that much of her week in treatments. She is doing so well she has been going alone, and that has been mostly positive. She naps, reads, and watches movies, but still it's a long sit.

This week Jean has Wednesday thru Friday vacation days, and she and Kay are in Seattle having girl time. Today Jean and Kay looked at places for Jean to live, and went shopping. Lots of fun on their agenda for the next 3 days. The struggle between Mother and Daughter is Kay trying to book as much fun as possible, and Jean trying to keep Kay from wearing them both out and being sure to get lots of time to relax and enjoy each other. My guess it they'll enjoy each other, but the relaxation will be active relaxing more than lying back and relaxing.

Kay and I went to the coast with our birding friends this past weekend, and had fun in the rain Saturday, and enjoyed unexpected sunshine Sunday.

Prayers of thanks for the relative ease of the treatment infusions, and prayers for effectiveness in ridding Kay of the cancer are in order. Thanks for all your support and prayers.



Sue said...

Rejoicing with you both on such an amazing "round one". Love and prayers,
Sam and Sue

deb.h. said...

Thinking of you all.
Sending much love and prayers
from back east.

The Lance and Samantha Larson Family said...

Dear Dr. Pullen and Kay,
This is Samantha Larson, Sam and Sue Pelletiers' oldest daughter. I just wanted to write and let you know that you both are in our thoughts and prayers. We have not had internet until recently and look forward to being able to follow your blog to be more updated on how to pray. Blessings to you all,
The Larson Family: Lance, Samantha, Caleb, Isaac and Acadia

keith said...

That is great news about Kay.
It's fun looking for houses, get pre- approved, and ur on ur way! My prayers for all of you.