Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now to Collect the Toxic Waste

Kay did great today with minimal side effects on getting her first dose of the PARP inhibitor. The medication was radiolabeled, i.e. tagged with a carbon-14 radioactive marker, and for the next 5 days she is primarily there for the study personel to collect as much of Carbon-14 as possible as it exit's Kay. THey need to figure out how much is renally and how much hepatically metabolized. The hepatic metabolites primarily come out in the stool. The air there has a not-so-faint odor of excrement, as the collection of the #1 is pretty simple, but who wants to collect #2.

I had a nice evening with Kay, as we mostly cuddled on her twin bed and listened to her iTunes. As any of you who know Kay, the primary thing on her mind was food. She got them to make a special run for fresh fruit and veges today and vege dip, so she is getting her 5 servings daily. From now on it's mostly going to be trying to keep from going stir crazy, and waiting to excrete the drug.

Prayers of thanks for an uncomplicated infusion, and for patience and endurance for Kay.

Thanks to all.


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Sue said...

"Sue" letter in the mail. Extra love and prayers from S. Maine. Praying Kay that these days of "lock down" pass quickly. You two are the best team. Loads of love from all the Pelletiers