Friday, February 19, 2010


Some of you may not know that Kay is an Olympic fanatic. For 3 weekends and two weeks every other year she stays up late watching the games, and now with our DVR watches at breakfast, lunch, dinner and every spare moment. I'm a much more casual fan, and catch a little now and then. That said, we are excited about the weekend. We are leaving mid-afternoon today to head for Bellingham, picking Brett up from Seattle University on the way. We'll stay with Ron and Linda Bahr tonight, and get up early to go to Vancouver tomorrow.

We primarily want to check out the Olympic venue and get a feel for being at an Olympic games. We have tickets to a women's curling preliminary event at 2 PM, but mostly plan to put in a big day of experiencing and seeing the Olympic village and venue.

It is really good to see Kay essentially back to her normal energy level. She is doing great. Her port came out a week ago today, and she is now hardware free. No signs of cancer, and lots of signs of Kay. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and beautiful, so pray for safe journey, and think of Kay when you see the games Saturday.


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keith said...

OMG, Olympics in beautiful Vancouver! That's a long sled dog trip, but totally worth it. The weather looks perfect too, have fun. Gotta admit, watching the Curling is addictive, go figure.