Sunday, January 31, 2010

Continued good news

Kay saw Dr. McCroskey last week for her monthly checkup. All continues great. We got her CA-125 (the tumor marker) results back this week and they remain nice and low at 7. She worries that it is up from 6 the last two times, but 6 & 7 are really the same result in this type of thing, i.e. nice and low.

Kay's blood count keeps creeping back toward normal as her bone marrow slowly recovers from the 8 courses of chemotherapy. In a more visible reminder she is recovering she has a full head of hair, short hair, but looks really cute.

We are headed to So. Cal this week to celebrate Fay Colmar's (Kay's mom)birthday. Most of the family is going to be there. Brett is the exception, he has mid-terms the next week and needs to stay at school and work.

I continue to enjoy my medical blog It gives me a creative outlet, and has been a blast.

Keep up the prayers of thanks for Kay's continued health, and enjoy the rest of the winter.


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