Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hooked on blogging

I have been enjoying my time as a blogger. I am really happy to say that the frequency of posts on this blog has been and I pray will continue to stay low. See Kay's post below as to how helpful it has been to her to have all your love and prayers coming her way.

I have decided to undertake a new adventure. I am starting a new blog, DrPullen.com where I hope to find a venue to keep writing, and to create a reliable and trustworthy medical blog for what I’m calling the “Informed Patient.”

You can follow me there in several ways, as I’ll have facebook and twitter feeds, and plan to have a lot of fun with this site.

I have put a page of what I think are the best on-line resources for trustworthy information on several topics on my Resources page, and will try to keep the posts relevant to many people yet light and fun enough to be readable. Enjoy. Today I made a post about an interesting possible New Year’s Resolution.


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Barb Hoffmann said...

Dear Ed,
We're so glad to hear of your new embarkation! How could you go "dark" after all this time!
Don't forget to do a sidebar on birding now and then. Loved those forays into nature you do so well.
All our love to all of you.
The Hoffmann family.